Full Circle, Bangalore

Full Circle is based in Bangalore and is registered as a Trust. Our organisation is committed to supporting and implementing sustainable solutions in the field of solid waste management, ecological sanitation and water conservation.

Full Circle is also committed to ensuring the protection of the livelihood of people involved in such areas, such as rag-pickers, and encourage employment so people can earn decent incomes through such projects. Full Circle provides fair and safe conditions of work and guarantees minimum wages. Our core environmental philosophy is based on the principles of reducing consumption, re-using materials wherever possible and recycling so as to ensure near zero waste returning to the earth.

Bangalore city alone generates around 3,000 tonnes of solid waste every day. This waste largely comes from households, commercial enterprises, educational institutions and corporate offices. All solid waste in cities is supposed to be managed as per the Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling Rules outlined by the Supreme Court of the country.

This legislation makes it mandatory for waste
    • To be segregated at source
• To be managed locally without any open burning and
• Final disposal to take place in a scientific landfill.

Currently the implementation of these rules is very poor. Thus, solid wastes, which can actually help conserve natural resources is now considered a threat to human health and the environment.

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